Sunday, May 9, 2010

Of the rain, of memories, and YOU

"It’s been awhile since I walked and bathed in the rain. I miss the innocence it brings…the smell of damp earth in the air and the sensuous feel of raindrops on my skin…it made me feel like a child again. The rain is my gateway to funfilled child memories. And now the rain branded you…and the kiss we shared along the avenue. I’m looking forward to more rainy days with you." 

Yes. The rain branded you. The once simple, meaningless drizzle now whispers your name and the raindrops embraces me like you did as it wets me and consumes my warmth. 

Indeed, it's not the years that proves how deep the relationship is. It's about the smile that radiates in each lover's face each time they're together that seem to brighten up their day. It's about the essence of every moment that the couple is sharing--whether it may be shared on a romantic evening or scorching mid-day sun, may it be shared simply or lavishly, in a plush restaurant or a simple park bench, in private or in a gathering--any way, anytime, anywhere doesn't really matter except the fact that they're together. It's about the depth of that LOVE they are sharing that knows no boundaries, no limitations, no questions, and no if's and but's. It's what they have that makes this happen and it's all they really need.

You're no longer  here now. No longer here to share with me those walks, those romantic interludes, the rain. But the rain now signifies all that you were, all that we shared, all that we had. It may not have counted years but so long as there are raindrops, the memories will not end...the Love will not will not be forgotten.

Can I still wish for more rainy days with you? Maybe. With or without you, every raindrop will bring everything will bring YOU back...and will hide what wasn't there before--these tears.

"Maybe I can't stop the downpour, but I will always join you for a walk in the rain." ~ Unknown

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