Monday, May 10, 2010

"A Case of Serendipity..."

“I am still here...I didn't go away. You lost me before but fate brought me back to you. I'm here now. I'm here to stay.

Every one of us is a sucker for romance. I don’t think anyone would deny the fact that at least once in your life, you wished you’d find that somebody that’ll completely sweep you off your feet, make your eyes glitter with anticipation whenever you’ll be out with him/her and that awesome electric jolt he/she throws at you each time you catch him/her starin’ at you and giving you that heart-melting smile! And after that, we’re looking forward to that ‘happily ever after’ ending…Sweet, isn’t it??

I have this friend who did fall head-over-feet in-love once…man, he was truly, madly, deeply in love with this lady! Well, who wouldn’t…she indeed is, til now, a real stunner!!! He never imagined him and her hooking up but they did end up together. To cut the cheesy story short, it was the sweetest, craziest, most colorful chapter of his life. At first, all is well. But as months passed, seeing her became just an event. For some unexplained reason, he saw her less and less until he never did see her again. For what he has heard, she already had this job and was very busy….other than that, it was a complete blackout!

It was really heartbreaking for him. Still, months passed and he decided to migrate to another province to put everything behind him and since then, they never heard from each other anymore. Her memory never left him, though. He tried tracing where she could’ve stayed or been and tried calling common friends but in vain. Nada, zero, nil, ziltch. He really thought all was lost. That’s not until after more than a decade of trying that they found themselves back. Yes. Fate decided to bring them back…together again.

In a relationship, it’s very easy to catch every reason that could make you want to leave. But you know you’re really in love when you still hold on, just because you always cling to the tiniest reason that makes you stay.”


This time, the web has become their bridge. Yes, they are miles apart when they found each other but they realized nothing changed…everything is as they left them 11 years ago, most especially what they had back then. Time never did shake his love for her and neither did the distance. Of course, both has gone through separate lives but reminiscing how they used to be sort of rekindled what he thought he has lost forever. Now he got her back and he back with her, they vowed never ever to lose each other again. Cheesy?? What do you expect, they’re IN LOVE!


“Love is like a friendship caught on fire. In the beginning a flame, very pretty, often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. As love grows older, our hearts mature and our love becomes as coals, deep-burning and unquenchable.” — Bruce Lee

If you’ll be asking me, “did they live happily ever after?” I can’t answer it yet…but somehow, I have the sweetest hunch that they will. Of course, I may also be wrong...let’s just keep our fingers crossed!

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