Saturday, May 15, 2010


As my subconscious drifts
in melancholic state
questions flood my mind:
     questions of purpose
         of path
         of reason
         of identity.
Clouds of doubt
blurs my vision
         as to why
         as to how come.
But no answer.
I felt the breeze
of nostalgia
glide in my skin
amidst the mid-eastern
heat spell.
Shall I heed the call?
Five thousand miles away
answers beckon.

1 comment:

  1. do not question how things have come to this
    we do not always get what we wish
    and while you might find it funny when I say
    I do believe that things should fall where they may
    Because whether we believe it or not
    We don’t know if what we wish is the better lot

    Are you not happy gaining a friend
    One who may stay longer with you in the end
    Relationships they come and go as they please
    But friendships remain when love has ceased
    Isn’t that a lot better prospect
    Over disappointment in a love imperfect

    Sure love can take you so high in the sky
    Make you feel so special all you can do is sigh
    But love can also be oh so painfully brutal
    Makes you wonder why you want it immortal
    Love just hurts where friendship gently lifts
    So why look for love when what you can have is this

    (this isn't the original comment. it's gone in the ether.)