Friday, November 23, 2012

Maybe This Time

One of the first songs I composed...old school but I miss singing it. Just unearthed it from my "baul"'s reminiscing time!

I really thought father time
Has healed my wounds
That time has dried the tears in my eyes
I put our painful past behind
In my every song
And for so long lived a life of lies.

When you said goodbye,
It broke my heart in two
My world then has never been the same
Sheltered my heart
With every girl I knew
Yet still it's you, I'm calling out your name.

Just now I knew
I've never forgotten you
Your eyes still makes me quiver
Like they always do
Please tell me now
You feel the same way, too
Maybe this time
Our hearts will beat again
Just maybe this time
Our love will never end.

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