Friday, November 23, 2012

Maybe This Time

One of the first songs I composed...old school but I miss singing it. Just unearthed it from my "baul"'s reminiscing time!

I really thought father time
Has healed my wounds
That time has dried the tears in my eyes
I put our painful past behind
In my every song
And for so long lived a life of lies.

When you said goodbye,
It broke my heart in two
My world then has never been the same
Sheltered my heart
With every girl I knew
Yet still it's you, I'm calling out your name.

Just now I knew
I've never forgotten you
Your eyes still makes me quiver
Like they always do
Please tell me now
You feel the same way, too
Maybe this time
Our hearts will beat again
Just maybe this time
Our love will never end.

A Day's Question

What does the day holds for me
That every step of the seconds hand takes...
What does Destiny whisper?
       What does Fate reveal?
                What discernment awaits?

WHEN is not a question of impatience...
WHY is not a question of pessimism...

For in every horizon
     Exist a path of uncertainty
            And discernment can only be known
                    Through one's HEART!

A heart of STRENGTH lives with Faith...
             of COURAGE prevails with Love...
             of PEACE sleeps with Hope.

For with the LORD's presence
     and an open Heart...
The day's question will just be:

Who Am I??

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Happiness, oh gentle soul,
Speak where can thee be found?
Is thou a kin of Wisdom,
Or need one be abound?

Do thou come only when sought
Or need pray'r summon thee?
Need thou be bought with gold
Or 'ol silver can be?

Do thou need to come with Love
With Knowledge or with Faith...
Are ye throned by Success
Be others' pain an' hate?

Need Morality speak
For thy soul to be free...
Need man's Justice dictate
How, when, an' where you'll be?

Does the chain with which you're bound
Lies with man's Contentment?
Does one find only Freedom
Lest one locks Fulfillment?

Alas, thy will be known d'vine
When at last Man submits...
To Fate being thankful
'Til then will thou exist!