Saturday, August 21, 2010

"An Afterthought..."

You didn't invite me to be your friend but I came to be. You never meant for me to fall head-over-heels in-love with you but hell, I did. You didn't know that you are now my axis and orbit, where my world and life spins and revolves, but you don't want to believe. You've shackled my heart in yours, chained my soul and locked my mind to just a single thought that is you.

"Everytime I lay my head in my pillow every night, I can't help hearing my head shout for your name...can't help feeling my skin yearn to feel your warmth...can't help have my lips long for your kisses and my shivering body long for your embrace...and can't help my heart skip a beat for you completes it when my chest beats in tune with yours each time you're with me. For you're the one I want to go to bed with...and wake up in bed with,,,and do everything in between with..."

Now what's the point? Of running, when all roads lead me back to you...of forgetting, when all I do is remembering you by and when everything seems to remind me of you....of fighting it all when loving you is inevitable.

Now that you've known, tell me: may I be able to live, and love the same way again...if it will not be YOU?

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