Thursday, January 9, 2014

March 5, 1990

Have I really ceased from falling,
     Have I forgotten how it feels?
          Have I really turned my shoulder,
               Cold to the yearning from within?

Do these eyes now blindly see,
     The meaning of love once shined on me?
           The heart that has sworn to live forever
                 Now froze with the mem'ries of reality.

        Tell me why is it so unfair
        When I gave it all completely?
        Was I wrong to trust on what i thought was love
         And fight for it needlessly?

        What happened with the "us" that we have
        Every moment, every memory...
        You told me not to give up on love
        But last gave up on me.

Now that the hurting were said and done
     It's time to heal and move on
         There's no use keeping what is gone,
               No need to try holding on.

Yes, I can pretend to have left it all behind
    Yes, I can smile and hide the pain...
          But I don't think I can take off my mind;          
                The mem'ry of "us" will always remain.

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