Thursday, September 9, 2010

"Poems, pictures, mem'ries..." (Sonnet I)

Laid 'neath that old box
Was what once thy song --
      A sweet, sweet melody gone wrong,
      A lyrical touch
      That Eros hath played...
Now a coffin where thine heart laid.

Scented sobriquets,
loving thoughts penned thee --
      With tears, a dream, once us I see,
      Eyes that defy time
      Smiles that're immortal...
Yours is a mem'ry so gentle.

'Neath dust and cobwebs
Lay black an' whites, too --
      To remind of then "US" so true,
      Ol' Ms. Dest'ny danced
      Oh, her feet faltered...
Now Love's thine rose autumn withered.

A pinch in the heart
That's all mem'ries bring --
       A song that won't cease echoing,
       S'long as time walks
       An' one's heart ne'er sleeps...
The Pain heals but the mem'ries LIVES!

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