Friday, August 27, 2010

"Can I...?"

Can I tell my heart to miss a beat
Or make my world to cease from turning...
Can I tell the heavens to vow down
Or tell the day to stop from dawning?

Can I tell FATE to speak out your name
And the wind to tell you, "I love you!"...
Can I tell your heart to beat for me
And to feel the same way that I do?

Can I tell myself to stop dreamin'
And face reality as it is...
Can I just turn my back from hoping
And put my weary heart at ease?

POEMS were weaved not from a poet's mind
Neither do SONGS from them lyricists...
It all sprung from what exist within
Such inspiration one's heart consists.

Can I really speak of what I feel
Or even explain it why I do...
'Guess I leave it all to you , my friend
'Cause I think I've fallen hard for YOU!!!

















 "I really don't know now how to give up and say, "No, you're not meant for me"...I don't know now how to back down and accept I'm just another hopeful...I don't know now how to feel for anyone knowing that my heart is chained to but one soul but you...I don't know now how to say "I LOVE YOU" if it won't be that person who taught me the true, selfless meaning of those words ~ YOU!"  ~ @manong_meloy


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