Monday, June 21, 2010

"Just Another Excerpt..."

I heard her voice...
A call
From five thousand miles
Does it matter
That it isn't about us.
It's not with what was said...
Just the voice
It's enough...
      To make me smile
      To make my heart
           skip a beat again
      To send shivers
           of longing...
           of needing...
           of hurting.
Questions echoed
Bellowing from within
Is it not over
After endless adieus
After the last tear
That was shed.


It's far from over.
The curtain did not close.

Just another verse...
Just another refrain...
Just another excerpt
From my ode of endless LOVE.

“People have scars. In all sorts of unexpected places. Like secret roadmaps of their personal histories. Diagrams of all their old wounds. Most of our wounds heal, leaving nothing behind but a scar. But some of them don’t. Some wounds we carry with us everywhere and though the cut’s long gone, the pain still lingers.” — Grey’s Anatomy

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