Thursday, June 17, 2010

"Insomnia"...a poem for Mi Amor

What prompted me
  To wage war with the moon
  And turn evenings
  As an extension of the sun's day?
What stopped me
  From closing my eyes
  And give up the pleasure
  Of a deep slumber
  For a moment with you?
Why did i not let
  Time dictate
  Nor allow the day
  To grab hold of my strength?

For every ounce
  Of my blood flows instinctively,
  Pumped into my system by your HEART
  And not MINE...
Every breath that I take
  Are held by your unassuming presence
  And alluring voice...
Every nanosecond of my life
  Being controlled and turned
  Everytime that you smile...

What then can the night do
to cease the sun from turning in?
What then can time do
to measure this unearthly lifetime?


For YOU are my day...
  YOU are my night...
    YOU are my moment...
       YOU are my lifetime...
YOU are my every breath...
  my every heartbeat...
    YOU are my body...
      My soul...
        MY LIFE!

1 comment:

  1. nice love poem. it really reads like a love letter. i guess romance is really not dead for some people, huh? hehehe.