Friday, February 10, 2012

"The Fight"

How does one bear the hurt,
How does one deal with pain...
Until when can he keep
What's driving him insane (?)

How can he gag his heart
And keep it from yearning
What it can't really have
And shouldn't be keeping (?)

How can he fake his smiles
With his heart on his sleeves...
Feigning a cheerful mood
While his grieving heart bleeds (?)

How can he keep his eyes
From hiding all his fears
If behind its sparkle
Keeps a bucket of tears (?)

How can he keep his hands
And body from trembling
When each time he held her
There's that fear of losing (?)

One can never discern
No matter how he try...
How deep true love can be
When it's time for "goodbye".

I guess I wouldn't know...
I guess I won't find out...
For I chose to fight off
This clearly losing bout.

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