Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"Lost Love" (Sonnet II)

The sunshine greeted "bonjour"
as the morning smiled at me...
not a trace of loneliness
in the brand new day I see.
But when the crimson shadow
cast its "farewell" in the dusk...
you'll see a different ME,
behind my deceiving "mask".

Darkness slowly setting in
solitude painting the way...
life without you by my side
is endless darkness at play.
Your voice is my salvation,
your thoughts, my warmth and refuge;
the LOVE that I have for you
is my strength and fortitude.

What is left for me to do
to put back the day's laughter...
remind my heart, "with each DUSK
soon comes the DAWN thereafter."
Across the distance, I know
there'll be that one place an' time
in bliss we'll be together
like a love song's every rhyme.

Beyond the realm of despair
of dreams and of space and time,
I'll be there and I will wait
FOREVER with love sublime!

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